1125 15975 Vp

The value of p, which is the fraction of the magnetic enthalpy absorbed above the critical temperature, depends on the structure; for the bcc phase p = 0.40 and for the fcc phase p = 0.28.

In the system with nanometer-sized grains, the pressure and volume contributions should be considered. x0 is the concentration of Fe in the bulk state at certain T0 and P0. Thus, the chemical potential corresponding to the system with nanometer-sized grains can be written as the following series:

d2 x dx2

d2x dP2

d2 x dx dP


In this treatment, we will restrict our considerations to second-order terms. The Gibbs-Duhem relationship is given by the expression

Using the Gibbs-Duhem relationship, we may obtain the equations dxcu dP

d2xcu dP2

d2xcu dPdx

xCu Vf

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