When the starting material is endohedral[60]fullerene, which is C60 encapsulating one or more atoms, the resulting C120 will contain one or more atoms in C60 cages. Because amounts of the available endohedral[60]fullerenes are very small, a mixture of hollow C60 and endohedral[60]fullerenes was used for the synthesis. Thus, only one of the two C60 cages of reported endohedral fullerene dimers contains an atom. The reported endohedral fullerene dimers are 3He @ C120 [25] and [email protected] [26]. The encapsulated 3He and N atoms can be used as labeling because the environment of the 3 He and N atoms in the dimers can be monitored by 3He-NMR (nuclear magnetic resonance) and electron paramagnetic resonance (EPR), respectively.

Scheme 1. Possible mechanism of formation of Cr

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