Inorganic fullerene-like structures and inorganic nanotubes, in particular, are shown to be a generic structure of nanoparticles from inorganic layered (2D) compounds. Various synthetic approaches to obtain these structures are presented. In some cases, like IF-WS2, IF-MoS2, V2O5 and BN nanotubes, bulk synthetic methods are already available; however, size and shape control is still at its infancy. Study of these novel structures has led to the observation of a few interesting properties and some potential applications in tribology, high energy density batteries, and nanoelectronics.

1 Recent test results at the Weizmann Institute


The work at the Weizmann Institute was supported by the following grants: "Krupp von Bohlen and Halbach" Stiftung (Germany), Israel Academy of Sciences ("Bikkura"), Israel Science Foundation, Israeli Ministry of Science ("Tashtiot").

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