This review has described several possible applications of carbon nanotubes, with emphasis on materials science-based applications. Hints are made to the electronic applications of nanotubes which are discussed elsewhere [9]. The overwhelming message we would like to convey through this chapter is that the unique structure, topology and dimensions of carbon nanotubes have created a superb all-carbon material, which can be considered as the most perfect fiber that has ever been fabricated. The remarkable physical properties of nanotubes create a host of application possibilities, some derived as an extension of traditional carbon fiber applications, but many are new possibilities, based on the novel electronic and mechanical behavior of nanotubes. It needs to be said that the excitement in this field arises due to the versatility of this material and the possibility to predict properties based on its well-defined perfect crystal lattice. Nanotubes truly bridge the gap between the molecular realm and the macro-world, and are destined to be a star in future technology.

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