Spin Effects

Spin effects on the transport properties of nanotubes are of particular interest given the proposed nanotubes' Luttinger liquid nature which implies a spin-charge separation. Anomalous thermopower and resistance behavior of SWNTs ropes at low temperatures has been interpreted in terms of a Kondo-type interaction between the magnetic moments of magnetic impurities from the catalyst and the spin of the n electrons of the nanotube [72]. Returning to Fig. 9, we note that at very low temperatures (below about 0.7K) the ZBA in Fig. 9 develops a cusp form. The central dip in resistance is evidence of anti-localization, i.e. enhanced forward scattering [62] produced, most likely, by spin-orbit scattering of n electrons by the high-Z gold atoms of the leads [57]. A Kondo origin of this effect has also been proposed [73,74].

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