Transport in Single Wall Nanotube Ropes

The primary products of the synthesis of SWNTs are aggregates of individual tubes forming structures akin to ropes of fibers [3,53]. The driving forces for the formation of these ropes are the strong van der Waals interactions between the individual tubes which lead to the formation of a regular triangular lattice of nanotubes within the rope [3,53]. It is from these ropes that individual SWNTs are prepared usually by sonication. Many studies and applications of SWNTs have been based on ropes, and their findings are presented in the different chapters of this book. Some transport studies involving SWNT ropes that have been discussed in terms of the behavior of individual SWNTs [2,5,11,21,35] have already been discussed in Sect. 1. Here we focus on aspects of electrical transport in SWNT ropes that were not discussed in the studies of transport in individual nanotubes, and on inter-nanotube transport within ropes. Specifically, we will concentrate on issues such as the influence of long coherence lengths and the effects of back-scattering on transport in these systems, and the effects of magnetic field on transport.

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