Carbon nanotube A tubular structure made by rolling up graphite sheets into seamless cylinders with diameters on nanometer scale. Carbon is the only element in a carbon nanotube.

Composite nanotube A multiwalled nanotube composed of shells of more than one kind of chemical composition. Composite nanowire A nanowire composed of two or more different materials or phases homogeneously distributed along its whole length.

Compound nanotube A nanotube composed of a single chemical compound. Almost all noncarbon nanotubes (inorganic nanotubes) are compound nanotubes. Nanocable A composite nanowire (nanotube) that has a core nanowire (nanotube) sheathed by one or more layers of different materials or phases. Some nanocables resemble the structure of a coaxial cable.

Nanojunction An area formed by end-to-end connection of two types of nanowires (nanotubes), or one nanowire and one nanotube. Because of the small cross section of nano-tubes and nanowires, the junctions formed from them are in nanometer scale.

Nanowire A wire with a thickness in nanometer scale. Nanowire superlattice A nanowire composed of alternating semiconductor nanowire segments of different chemical compositions.

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