Arene cavity The cavity formed by the enclosure of the aromatic rings in a calixarene.

Calix[n]arenes A group of phenolic macrocyclic molecules resulted from the condensation of para-substituted phenol and formaldehyde. ('n' refers to the number of phenolic units.)

Crystal structure Three-dimensional arrangement of atoms derived from single crystal X-ray diffraction that provides information about the structure, conformation, and geometry of the molecule.

Functionalization Chemical modification on the lower or upper rim leading to the formation of derivatives containing appropriate functional groups.

Lower rim The rim containing the phenolic -OH groups in a para-substituted calixarene.

Metalloenzymes Those enzymes that exhibit their function as a result of the presence of a specific metal ion. Receptor A molecule that possesses the ability to bind to neutral or ionic species through recognition. Upper rim The rim containing the groups present at the para-position in a calixarene.

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