Figure 10. XRD spectrum of Fe(B) nanocapsules showing diffraction peaks associated with the existence of a-Fe (a-Fe(B) solid solution), FeB, y-Fe and Fe3B phases in the cores. There are some weak peaks corresponding to the Fe3O4 (and/or Fe3O4(B)) phase. For comparison, the corresponding theoretical XRD patterns for the different phases are represented below the experimental data. After [122], Z. D. Zhang et al., Phys. Rev. B 64, 024404 (2001). © 2001, American Physical Society.

from the cores. It is understandable that, usually, there is no sharp peak corresponding to the shells in the XRD spectrum of the nanocapsules, because of the breakdown of the cyclic condition (the translation invariance) and the incompleteness of the crystal structure of the phases in the shells of the nanocapsules.

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