Mechanical Techniques

Mechanical techniques utilize mechanical forces and mechanical energies for preparation of nanomaterials, like nanoparticles and nanocapsules. Milling and vibrating are two typical methods using mechanical energies. Some mechanical techniques could be categorized as physical methods.

Drug delivery systems improve the therapeutic efficacy and safety of drugs by delivering them at a controlled rate depending on the body requirements and the site of action. These systems aid in reducing the amount of drug required, the number of doses, side effects, and bioinactivation. Currently, delivery systems for drug targeting and controlled release are being developed using drug nanoparticles. Several techniques, such as air suspension, pan coating, spray drying, and milling have been used for the manufacture of drug nanoparticles. In this section, several mechanical techniques (i.e., air suspension, pan coating, spray-drying, and congealing) which are applicable for biomedicine and drug delivery are introduced briefly. For detailed biomedical properties of the nanocapsules, refer to Section 5.

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