This procedure has also been expanded to form polynuclear dendrimer complexes.124'125 Tpphz (41c) has been used to bridge OsII/OsI1,128 RuII/RuI1,126 and OsII/RuI1127'128. Related bridging ligands have been prepared using this condensation method.129-1 3 Extension of the aromatic system has been accomplished with the synthesis of tatpp, (42), which when metallated gives the homobimetallic Run complex and following oxidation with ammonium peroxydisulfate leads to the tatpq ruthenium complex (43).134 Electrochemical studies of the homobimetallic ruthenium complex of ligand (42) show two reversible one-electron reductions resulting in the formation of the dianion of (42).134 Complex (43) undergoes a reversible one-electron reduction creating the semi-quinone bridging ligand.133 Further reduction to the hydroquinone dianion is quasi-reversible.

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