15 Magnetic Manipulation for the Biomedical Sciences J.K. Fisher, L. Vicci,

K. Bloom, E. Timothy O'Brien, C.W. Davis, R.M. Taylor, II, R. Superfine 15-1

Introduction • Background • Description of Magnetic System • Description of the Magnetic Systems • Computer Control and Data Acquisition • Conclusion • Acknowledgments

16 Nanoparticle Manipulation by Electrostatic Forces Michael Pycraft Hughes 16-1

Introduction • Theoretical Aspects of AC Electrokinetics • Applications of Dielectrophoresis at the Nanoscale • Biomolecular Applications of Dielectrophoresis • Particle Separation • Conclusion

17 Biological- and Chemical-Mediated Self-Assembly of Artificial

Micro- and Nanostructures S.W Lee, R. Bashir 17-1

Introduction • Bio-inspired Self-Assembly • The Forces and Interactions of Self-Assembly • Biological Linkers • State of the Art in Bio-inspired Self-Assembly • Future Directions • Conclusions

18 Nanostructural Architectures from Molecular Building Blocks

Damian G. Allis, James T. Spencer 18-1

Introduction • Bonding and Connectivity • Molecular Building Block Approaches

19 Building Block Approaches to Nonlinear and Linear Macromolecules

Stephen A. Habay, Christian E. Schafmeister 19-1

Introduction • Building Block Approaches to Nonlinear Macromolecules • Building Block Approaches to Linear Macromolecules • Conclusion

20 Introduction to Nanomanufacturing Ahmed Busnaina 20-1

Introduction • Nanomanufacturing Challenges • Top-down Approach • Bottom-up Approach • Combined Top-down and Bottom-up Nanomanufacturing Approaches • Registration and Alignment • Reliability and Defect Control

21 Textile Nanotechnologies B. Pourdeyhimi, N. Fedorova, William Dondero, Russell E. Gorga, Stephen Michielsen, Tushar Ghosh, Saurabh Chhaparwal,

Carola Barrera, Carlos Rinaldi, Melinda Satcher, Juan P. Hinestroza 21-1

Introduction • Nanofibers • Electrospun Nanofibers with Magnetic Domains for Smart Tagging of Textile Products • Carbon Nanotubes • Surface Activation • Nanoadditives in Textiles

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