Sharon Smith

Sharon Smith is a Corporate Executive at Lockheed Martin's headquarters in Bethesda, Maryland. As Director, Advanced Technology, she is responsible for research and technology initiatives, including independent research and development projects, university involvement, and various other R&D activities. She is the prior chair of the Lockheed Martin Steering Group on Microsystems/MEMS and is currently the chair of the corporation's Steering Group on Nanotechnology.

Smith has 25 years of experience in management, program management, engineering, and research and development at Eli Lilly and Company, IBM Corporation, Loral, and Lockheed Martin Corporation. She has more than 25 technical publications and has given numerous technical presentations in the United States and Europe. She serves on the Nanotechnology Committee for JCOTS (Joint Committee On Technology and Science) for the state of Virginia and is also a member of the National Academies' National Materials Advisory Board.

Smith has a Ph.D. in analytical chemistry from Indiana University, an M.S. in physical chemistry from Purdue University, and a B.S. in chemistry from Indiana University.



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