The author wishes to acknowledge and express the contribution of government and nongovernment organizations and companies. A special thanks to the following people who provided resources, photos, and information: Dr. Laura Blasi at Saint Leo University, Florida; Mr. Paul Octavio Boubion, 8th grade physical science teacher at the Carl H. Lorbeer Middle School in California; high school students, Matt Boyas and Sarah Perrone who attend the Upper St. Clair School District in Pennsylvania; Associate Professor Dean Campbell, Ph.D. at Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois; Dr. Richard Claus, president of NanoSonic Inc. located in Virginia; Dr. Martin L. Culpepper at Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Massachusetts; Renee DeWald, chemistry teacher at the Evanston Township High School in Illinois; Norma L. Gentner, Enrichment Teacher at Heritage Heights Elementary in Amherst, New York; Dr. Nancy Healy, Education Coordinator of the National Nanotechnol-ogy Infrastructure Network (NNIN) in Georgia; Catherine Marcotte, science teacher, ForwardVIEW Academy in Rhode Island; Patricia Palaz-zolo, Gifted Education Coordinator, for the Upper St. Clair School District in Pennsylvania; Dr.Makarand Paranjape at Georgetown University Washington, DC; Edith A., Perez, Medical Doctor and a Professor of Medicine at the Mayo Medical School in Florida; Professor Timothy D. Sands,Ph.D. at Purdue University; Professor Paul G. Tratnyek, Ph.D. at Oregon Health & Science University's OGI School of Science & Engineering; Nathan A. Unterman, physics teacher at the Glenbrook North High School in Illinois; Dr. Alyssa Wise and Dr. Patricia Schank (NanoSense team) and Dr. Brent MacQueen at SRI International in California.

Many thanks to Amy Mongillo and Dan Lanier who provided special assistance in reviewing topics and offering suggestions. In addition, Cynthia Sequin of Purdue Public Relations, Catherine McCarthy, Grants Project Director of Sciencenter, Cornell University, IBM, Konarka Technologies, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and Hitachi High-Technologies (Japan) who provided technical assistance in acquiring photos for the book.

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