Aircraft Potential And Metal Rubber

In Chapter 2, you read about Dr. Claus, the President of NanoSonic Inc. that makes Metal RubberTM. As you recall, Metal RubberTM looks like brown plastic wrap and has some amazing properties, including elasticity and it is very tough. Dr. Claus said that one of the most exciting applications of Metal RubberTM is to use it for "morphing aircraft structures. These are aircraft that dynamically change the shape of their wings and their control surfaces during flight," he explains. Almost the way that a hawk might fly along, see prey, and change its shape to dive down. The hawk changes the shape of its body, and when it does that, it needs to be able to sense what the outside forces and pressures are so it knows how to fly. For a plane, you need a material that's mechanically flexible. But you also need a material with a surface that's controlled by sensors and electrical conductors that allow it to do that sensing and change shape accordingly. Metal RubberTM might allow sensors that can be flexed. Now NanoSonic is working in partnership with an aircraft company to explore Metal RubberTM potential in aerospace.

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