Applications Of Carbon Nanotubes

Carbon nanotubes are the driving force for current advances in nanotechnology; they have excellent mechanical and electronic properties,

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In physics, plasma is another state of matter. It is an ionized gas. This means the gas is heated or electrically charged to the point that it gives off light, as in a fluorescent light tube or bulb. Plasma screen televisions use this principle; they contain gas that emits light when charged. Essentially, the sun, like most stars, is a great big ball of plasma. In life science, a different substance called plasma is a part of blood.

Table 4.1 Some Potential Applications for Nanotubes

Actuators/Artificial Muscles Atomic Force Microscope Probe Tips Batteries

Chemical Sensors Collision-Protection Materials Controlled Drug Delivery Data Storage Dialysis Filters Flat Panel Display Screens Flywheels Hydrogen Storage

Microelectromechanical (MEMS) Devices







Reinforcement of Armor

Solar Storage

Super capacitors

Thermal Protection

Waste Recycling the latter making them extremely attractive for electronics. Being only a few times wider than atoms, the carbon nanotubes offer exceptionally high material properties, such as electrical and thermal conductivity, stiffness, toughness, and remarkable strength.

Sheets of carbon nanotubes have the following features:

• The sheets are transparent and stronger than steel or high-strength plastics and can be heated to emit light.

• A square mile of the thinnest sheets, about 2-millionths-of-an-inch thick, would weigh only about 170 pounds.

• In lab tests, the sheets demonstrated solar cell capabilities for using sunlight to produce electricity.

Other potential applications of carbon nanotubes include the following.

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