• Carbon brushes

• Graphite electrodes for electric arc furnaces for metallurgical processing.

• Graphite lubricants


The hardest known natural mineral is diamond. The diamond contains carbon atoms that are stacked or arranged in a three-dimensional form or array. This structure makes the diamond super hard for the cutting and grinding of metals and other materials. Unlike graphite, a diamond is not a good conductor of electricity but the mineral is an excellent thermal conductor.

Applications of diamonds are used in a variety of products that include laser diodes and small microwave power device, integrated circuit substrates, and printed circuit boards. Diamond is starting to be used in optical components, particularly as a protective coating for infrared optics in harsh environments.

Diamond provides an impressive combination of chemical, physical, and mechanical properties: Some of these properties include:

• Low coefficient of friction

• High thermal conductivity

• High electrical resistance

• Low thermal expansion coefficient

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