Biosensors for Diabetes

Monitoring blood glucose levels can be tiresome, even with today's improved monitoring devices. Drs. Makarand Paranjape and John Cur-rie, researchers in the Georgetown Advanced Electronics Laboratory (GAEL), are working to take the process to a whole new level.

For the past few years, the team has been developing and testing a new biosensor device for blood glucose monitoring. The biosensor, the size of a small band-aid is designed to be worn anywhere on the body. The biosensor samples tiny amounts of fluids that lie just beneath the skin. The device is small and convenient, and makes measuring glucose levels pain-free and noninva-sive. Professor Paranjape and researchers at Georgetown University also have a video showing the procedure called Monitoring Blood Glucose without Pain or Blood.

See Chapter 7 to read an interviewwith Professor Paranjape discussing biosensors.

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