Can teachers become involved with the Virtual Lab project

Yes, while teachers use the simulation in their classrooms, we also have had teachers then go on to train others in their schools. The Virtual Lab has also been developed for use in professional development for teachers in science and math, with the idea that teachers will more likely incorporate it if they have experience using and integrating the Virtual Lab into their lesson plans.

The interface includes annotation and measuring tools (from millimeters to microns) and the integration of the software can support student preparation for standardized tests in mathematics and the sciences. The Virtual Lab is also used at the college level in the sciences, it is not limited in its design but instead it replicates the actual microscope interfaces.

With this context in mind we have been developing Cogs, so that high school and middle school teachers can browse, print, and even create resources and lesson plans related to the Virtual Lab. The Cogs project also gives teachers access to related animations and videos on the tools themselves, their use, and careers in the field.

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