College of Nanoscale Science and Engineering CNSE University of Albany

The College of Nanoscale and Engineering (CNSE) has been assisting school districts in the implementation of programs that encourage science awareness in grades K-12 and help build the science and technology workforce of the future.

In October 2006, CNSE announced the $500,000 "Nano High" initiative program. The mission of this pilot program is between CNSE and the City School District ofAlbany. The goal is to develop and implement innovative science and engineering educational programs between Albany High School and CNSE. Under a pilot program, NanoHigh will focus on school-to-work activities designed to train Albany High School students in creative nanoscience and nanoengineering concepts. The program will also help equip them with the skills necessary to pursue advanced educational opportunities in the emerging field of nanotechnology. For more information go to:

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