How did you get involved in biosensors

The last time I took a biology course was in the 12th grade and I have not taken any biology courses since then.

After I finished my Ph. D., I started to dabble in biology and biosensors during a time when I was employed as a postdoctoral researcher at Simon Fraser University. During this time, while I was involved in a project to accurately measure the mass of individual cells, such as baby hamster kidney cells, using a relatively new emerging technology called biological microelectromechanical systems (or bio-MEMS), I became very interested in fabricating devices using microtechnologies, whether they are sensors or "machines" that could interact with biological cells. This work was very intriguing to me. Anyway, this is how I got into biosensors. I got involved with the glucose-monitoring project soon after arriving at Georgetown University in 1998. Our research team was already involved in fabricating noninvasive microdevices for health applications, and after winning a U.S. Defense Department contract for monitoring glucose and lactate in a soldier, the minimally-invasive glucose patch was developed.

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