A patron at a local restaurant spills coffee on his trousers. The liquid beads up and rolls off without leaving a spot on his clothing.

The U.S. Golf Association suggests that golfers can now use new golf balls that fly straighter, with less wobble, than normal golf balls.

A woman is using a new variety of canola oil in preparing her meals. The oil contains tiny particles that block cholesterol from entering her bloodstream.

Walking down a street in London, England, a pedestrian suddenly smells that the air is cleaner. The sidewalk is treated with a special product that breaks down harmful pollutants in the air.

The air purifying pavement, the new golf balls, the nonstain pants, are just some of the examples of products produced by nanotechnology, a key technology for the 21st century. Nanotechnology offers cutting-edge applications that will revolutionize the way we detect and treat disease, monitor and protect the environment, produce and store energy, improve crop production and food quality, and build complex structures as small as an electronic circuit or as large as an airplane.

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