Long Lasting Batteries

The company mPhase Technologies and Bell Labs, research and development part of Lucent Technologies, have teamed up to develop a type of nanobattery. The nanobattery can store and generate electric current that could be used for many years after it is bought.

In traditional batteries, all the chemicals are mixed together in the battery. This causes traditional batteries to degrade even when not in use. Therefore, traditional batteries have a certain shelf life before they

Did you know?

Lithium (Li) is the lightest metal and a thin layer of it can float on water. It is a strong alloy used in building aircraft and space vehicles.

expire. In the new nanobattery, the chemicals are not mixed together, until you activate it. In other words, no power is used until the device, such as a tool, is turned on. So, the battery does not dissipate any of its chemical energy when not in use. This feature provides a very, very long shelf life that regular batteries don't have.

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