Materials You Need

1. Sealed display cells of ferrofluids (for ordering, see Where to Buy)

2. Magnet

• Have your teacher show and pass around one or more samples of fer-rofluid along with a strong magnet. Under teacher supervision, let students play with the ferrofluids and magnet and see what they can make it do. The teacher may also want to show and pass around another magnetic material, like a piece of iron, for comparison. The teacher should explain to the students that since we have been able to make the particles in the ferrofluids so small, we have been able to change the physical state of the material from a solid to a liquid.

• What happens when you bring a magnet close to the liquid?

• When you put the magnet near the ferrofluids, it distorts. What causes this distortion?

• What does this distortion represent?

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