Nano Activity Discovering The Properties Of Ferrofluids Teacher Supervision Advised

Nanotechnologists are experimenting with ferrofluids to help clean up wastewater. Ferrofluids contain nanoparticles of a magnetic solid, usually magnetite (Fe3O4), in a colloidal suspension.

NASA discovered ferrofluids when their scientists were trying to control liquid products in space. Ferrofluids have been used in many applications, including computer disk drives, low-friction seals, and loudspeakers.

In this activity, you will learn about some of the properties of ferroflu-ids. The activity was adapted from the NanoSense Program produced by the SRI International in Menlo Park, California. Patricia Schank and Tina Stanford coauthored the activity. To learn more about this nano activity and other NanoSense activities go to: (Safety Note: You should do the following activity with teacher supervision.)

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