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The National Nanotechnology Infrastructure Network (NNIN) provides a Web site titled, Nanotechnology Educational Resources and Activities for K-12 students and teachers. The Web site provides Nanoproducts Guides, Worksheets, Teacher Guides, and Activity Pages.

Since a growing number of consumer products employ nanotechnol-ogy, the NNIN has assembled a set of activity sheets describing some common and not so common applications of nanotechnology that students can relate to. In general, these products take advantage of some unique property of materials at the nanoscale to provide improved functionality. All the following guides and worksheets are for the following consumer nanotechology products. Some of the consumer product activities include:

• Nanofilm Lens Cleaner- Clarity Fog Eliminator

• Eagle One Nanowax

• Kodak Ultima Picture Paper

• Stain Free "Nano-pants"

• Wilson Double Core Tennis Balls

• Shock Doctor "Hotbed" Insoles

• Nanotech Tennis Racket

• Pilkington Self-Cleaning Glass


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Vega Science Trust, England: Videos on basics of nanotechnology and how it will change the world.


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Penn State University. Amazing Creatures with Nanoscale Features. This animation is an introduction to microscopy, scale, and applications of nanoscale properties. It introduces some of the tools that are used by scientists to visualize samples that are smaller than what we can see with our eyes. This activity is available for use via the

Center Web site at

N is for Nanotechnology. NISE Network. "N" is for Nanotechnology" is a 30-minute documentary exploring the hypes, hopes, and facts of this fascinating field as seen through the eyes of award-winning scientists, industry leaders, and writers. http://

Web casts. Presentation. University of Texas, Nanotechnology

"Nanoscience: Big Science at Tiny Scales" Join Dr. Paul Barbara for an exploration of what nanotechnology is and can be, and how researchers at the University of Texas are helping to shape our nanotechnology future. ESI



Harvard University: Includes monthly cable casting of NanoTech News via New England Cable News, NanoScale Science & Engineering Presentations, NSEC guest researcher appearances, multimedia research updates, educational collaboration & dissemination activities, Teacher Programs, outreach to students & knowledge transfer to public.

University of California at Berkeley: Includes researcher presentations, interactive demos and facilitated activities, physical/virtual contextual bridge exhibits, insights into research, human map of research and talking techno heads. http:// and wor/Partners.htm

University of Chicago: Includes details on research opportunities for undergraduates and high school students, demos for elementary school kids and internships for high school students. Also, includes videos like "Sights & Sounds of Science," "DragonflyTV," etc. Talks about museum collaborations & science camps.


Like a mystery? Solve the Case of the Green Milk by going to The Lawrence Hall of Science, Nanozone site.

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