Nano Interview Dr Alyssa Wise And Dr Patricia Schank Nanosense Team And Dr Brent Macqueen Nanoscientist

A team of educators and scientists at SRI International in Menlo Park, California, have designed and implemented a project called NanoSense. NanoSense introduces high school students and teachers to nanoscale science concepts and skills. The instructional materials in the program include hands-on activities, student worksheets, lesson plans, visualizations, and student readings. Hundreds of high school students have used NanoSense materials.

[Note: At the end of this chapter you will have the opportunity to do a nano activity, Sunscreens and Sunlight Animation, from one of the NanoSense units.]

I invited the team at SRI International to reply to questions about nanoscience and nanotechnology asked by the high school students who participated in the NanoSense program. The following are a few of these questions.

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