Nano Plastic Packaging

Several chemical companies are producing a nanotechnology transparent plastic film for packaging containing nanoparticles of clay. The nanoparticles are integrated throughout the plastic and are able to block oxygen, carbon dioxide, and moisture from reaching fresh meats or other foods. The nanoclay particles also make the plastic lighter, stronger, and more heat-resistant.

One company that makes camera film used nanotech to develop antimicrobial packaging for food products. The company is also developing other "active packaging" that absorbs oxygen. If oxygen gets into packaged food products, such as cheese or meat, it can reduce the freshness of the food, so it may no longer be safe to eat.

Another manufacturer of plastics has developed a nano-composite plastic barrier for food that prevents the flow of oxygen and carbon dioxide from entering a package. The nanoplastic package keeps all kinds of products fresher longer. The plastics also block out smells. The plastic barrier is so strong that it can be useful in making boil-bag food products and microwavable packaging.

Did you know?

Some food companies use oxygen absorbents to prevent the growth of aerobic pathogens and organisms that may spoil food or allow them to become unsafe.

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