Nanotechnologies In Businesses

The National Science Foundation predicts that the global marketplace for goods and services using nanotechnologies will grow to $1 trillion by 2015. The United States invests approximately $3 billion annually in nanotechnology research and development. This dollar figure accounts for approximately one-third of the total public and private sector investments worldwide.

The range of possibilities of nanotechnology-manufactured products—from electronics to communications, aerospace, medicine, energy, construction, and consumer goods—is almost limitless. More than one-half of the major corporations that are in the stock market are in the nanotechnology business now or will be in the future. See the Appendix for a listing of companies that are in the nanotechnology field.

Last year, more than $32 billion in products with nanotech materials were sold worldwide. By 2014, some $2.6 trillion in manufactured goods could contain nanotechnologies, according to a research group that tracks the industry.

The researchers also estimated that about a little over 1,000 companies have claimed to be working in a field that is related in some way to nanotechnology. In addition, the researchers also indicated that there are 1,500 companies that are exploring nanotechnology options.

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