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The following videos and audios are suggested to enhance your understanding of nanotechnology topics and issues. Some of the videos listed are presented in the chapters. However, you may wish to review other videos as well.

Please note that the author has made a consistent effort to include up-to-date Web sites. However, over time, some Web sites may move or no longer be posted.

Viewing some of these videos may require special software called plug-ins. Therefore, you will need to download certain software to view the videos. You may need to upgrade your player to the most current version.


How Breast Cancer Spreads. Sutter Health. This group has a number of cancer videos.

Faster Results for Breast Cancer. Pathologists Use Digital Imaging to Speed up Cancer Diagnosis. Science Daily.

Detecting Deadly Chemicals. Science Daily. A sampler gun that can now be used to detect harmful or dangerous diseases such as anthrax. http://www.sciencedaily. com/videos/2006-12-10/

Work Force Preparation. Are We Prepared to Get into the Nanotechnology Workforce? Professor Wendy Crone. Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group. http://mrsec.wisc. edu/Edetc/cineplex/MMSD/prepared.html

Video Game: PlayGen develops games for learning and teaching. NanoMissiontm is developing first scientifically accurate interactive 3d learning games based on understanding nanosciences and nanotechnology. To see a sample of one of their games with a theme of nanoscience and cancer go to: home/content/view/30/26/

Scanning Probe Microscopy. Professor Wendy Crone The next big thing or smaller. Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group. scanning2.html

Stroke Stopper. Neuroradiologists Treat Brain Strokes with New Kind of Stent, Science Daily Video. Go to:

Nanoscale. Professor Wendy Crone What is a nanoscale. Discusses Quantum Effects, and Quantum Dots. Surface to Volume Ration Makes a Difference is also discussed. Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group. index.html

When Things Get Small. Google Video. Describes how small is a nanometer? The film showing how scientists layer atoms to form nanodots. videoplay?docid=-215729295613330853

Try the Simulator. To see a simulation of a scanning tunnel microscope go to: http://

Using Nanoscience to understand the properties of matter. Explore Materials.

What is Matter? jd=21

What is a Molecule?

Taking Pictures of What You Can't See.

The Threat of Bird Flu. ScienceDaily 04/070416092206.htm

NASA Space Elevator. Can we build a 22,000-mile-high cable to transport cargo and people into space?

Forming Carbon Nanotubes. University of Cambridge. Two videos show how nickel reacts in a process called catalytic chemical vapor deposition. This film demonstrates one of several methods of producing nanotubes. Text accompanies the video for better understanding of the process. 20070301/?

Videos from the Hitachi Corporation. What's Next in Nanotechnology? http://www.

The Lemelson Center. Nobel laureate William Phillips levitates a magnet to explain how atoms form bonds. There are several videos in this collection. Select the one on levitation. You may be also interested in the other videos as well. http://invention.

CSI: X-Ray Fingerprints. Stimulating atoms to reveal chemicals on fingerprints,

What is Nanotechnology? University of Wisconsin-Madison engineer Wendy Crone is on a mission. She and her interns are creating user-friendly exhibits to teach the public about the nanoworld.

Exploring the Nanoworld: Movies of nano-structured materials: ferrofluids, memory metals, amorphous metals, LEDs, self-assembly, DNA, Magnetic Resonance Imaging,

Lego models. National Science Foundation supported Materials Research Science and Engineering Center on Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

A Nanotechnology Super Soldier Suit. Nanotechnology in the military. http://www.

Nanokids-Bond With Me. You Tube. vWWGjt10

Monitoring Blood Glucose Without Pain or Blood. A short film of Professor Paran-jape and the lab where the diabetes biosensor device is produced. http://college.

Secret Worlds: The Universe Within. Visit the subatomic universe of electrons and protons and viewing the Milky Way. scienceopticsu/powersof10/

G Living. The Phoenix Electric Nano Battery SUV. v=w-Zv5RFgmWY&NR

National Geographic. National Geographic has five video shots on Nanotechnology. They include the following titles: Smaller than Small, Land of the Giants, Nano in Nature, Growing Technology, and Standby for a Change. This activity is available at: http://www7.

Penn State University. Amazing Creatures with Nanoscale Features: This animation is an introduction to microscopy, scale, and applications of nanoscale properties. It introduces some of the tools that are used by scientists to visualize samples that are smaller than what we can see with our eyes. This activity is available for use via the Center Web site at

Electron-Beam Lithography. Nanopolis Online Multimedia Library. Electron-beam lithography is a technique for creating extremely fine patterns required for modern electronic circuits.

Is Nanotechnology Going to be The Next Industrial Revolution? Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group. nano5.html

Cosmetics. Nanopolis Online Multimedia Library. The cosmetics industry was one of the first industries to employ nanotechnology for cosmetics that include creams, moisturizers, and sunscreens. 274

Carbon Nanotube Transistors. Nanopolis Online Multimedia Library. The carbon nanotubes are ideal building blocks for molecular electronics. http://online.

University of Virginia Materials Research Science and Engineering Center. Paladin Pictures, Inc. and the University of Virginia Materials Research Science & Engineering Center (MRSEC). The film, Nano Revolution, was filmed largely on-location at the University of Virginia, and is aimed at introducing people to the field of Nanotechnology.

Dendritic Polymer Adhesives for Corneal Wound Repair Presented by: Mark W. Grinstaff, Ph.D., Metcalf Center for Science and Engineering. http://www.

Nanoparticles—Chemistry, Structure and Function

Presented by: Karen L. Wooley, Ph.D. and Professor, Washington University in Saint Louis, Department of Chemistry. ARVO/

Introduction to Nanoscale Materials Behavior—Why all the Fuss? Presented by: Mark A. Ratner, Ph.D., Department of Chemistry, Northwestern University. http://www.

National Cancer Institute: Video Journey Into Nanotechnology. http://nano.cancer. gov/resource_center/video_journey_qt-low.asp

Bones that Grow Back Video.

Careers in Nanotechnology Information Video. Penn State U. http://www.cneu.

Electrostatic Self-Assembly. NanoSonic. schoolkitsFS.html

NanoManipulator: Seeing and Touching Molecules. http://www.nanotech-now. com/multimedia.htm

Smaller than Small, National Geographic Magazine. http://www7.

Nanozone, Lawrence Hall of Science.

Clean Technology Vehicles. Altairnano. Demonstration vehicle using NanoSafe long-term batteries for vehicles.

Vega Workshop Videos. There are several videos in this collection. They include Harry Kroto's Buckyball Workshops and John Murrell's States of Matter Workshop.

Molecular Motors Drive Cellular Movements. A group led by Susan P. Gilbert, associate professor of biological sciences, is figuring out how motors inside cells convert chemical energy into mechanical force. html

Nano-optics Research Offers a Bright Future. Researchers led by Hong Koo Kim, codirector of the Institute of NanoScience and Engineering, have developed a new technology that may revolutionize optics and fields like imaging, spectroscopy, and information technology.

Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies. "Hands-on" Learning Activity for Science Invisible to the Naked Eye. Bethany Maynard, a 6th grader at a Fairfax County,

Virginia elementary school, shows how young people can observe, test, and investigate nanotechnology.

Nanowires and Nanocrystals for Nanotechnology. Yi Cui is an assistant professor in the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford. com/videoplay?docid=657l968052542741458

Synthesis of Colloidal Silver. The formation of silver nanoparticles can be observed by a change in color, small nanoparticles of silver are yellow. Edetc/nanolab/silver/index.html

The Lemelson Center. What is a buckminsterfullerene? Sir Harold Kroto. The Nobel Laureate explains why he named the carbon cluster that he discovered as a buckminsterfullerene. and

Dr. Alan Goldstein on potential and dangers of nanotechnology. http://video.

Cellular Visions: The Inner Life of a Cell, the animation illustrates unseen molecular mechanisms and the ones they trigger, specifically how white blood cells sense and respond to their surroundings and external stimuli. The animation shows a number of molecular machines—ribosomes, motors, and more. http://www.studiodaily. com/main/searchlist/6850.html

Probe Microscopes. Wendy Crone. Activities using magnetic probe strips to investigate the north and south poles of a magnet. Scanning Probe microscopy works the same way. Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group. cineplex/MMSD/scanning1.html

Nanotech Assembly. Productive Nanosystems: From Molecules to super products. Mark Sims, and Nanorex, Inc. nanotech-assembler.html

Demonstration Video. See How It Works. Self-Cleaning Glass from Pilking-ton.;jsessionid=450BA 85300D73FF706160BEECB8A1614

Nanotechnology Size and Scale. Professor Wendy Crone. Conversations in Science. Madison Metropolitan School District. UW-Madison Interdisciplinary Education Group.

N is for Nanotechnology. NISE Network. "N" is for Nanotechnology" is a 30-minute documentary exploring the hypes, hopes, and facts of this fascinating field as seen through the eyes of award-winning scientists, industry leaders, and writers.

mPHASE Nanobattery. MPhase develops new nanobattery technology. Applications include homeland security, space exploration, communications, and the medical field. YouTube.

Nanotechnology Applications: Professor Lisensky shows some nanotechnology examples such as ferrofluids and carbon nanotubes and how these can be used to make displays, space elevators, cancer treatments, self-cleaning windows, and stain-free. Nano Quest Video Library. apps

Space Elevator. Scientists envision a space elevator based in the Pacific Ocean and rising to a satellite in geosynchronous orbit. view.php3?article_id=218392162&language=english

NNIN Soft Lithography Network. Professor George M. Whitesides. This is a technical forum on how to use lithography in a small business as users and providers.

Photovoltaics: Turning Sunlight Into Electricity. United States Department of Energy. Solar Energies Technologies Program: Animations. gov/solar/video/

Measuring Electrical Properties with an Electron Force Microscope. Professor Wendy Crone. Madison Metropolitan School District. Edetc/cineplex/MMSD/scanning3.html

What are the Symptoms of Diabetes? Who is at Risk? How is Diabetes Confirmed? Diabetes Clinic. IrishHealth. (56K/Dialup. clin/diabetes/video.html#

How a Fuel Cell Works. Ballard Fuel Cells. Ballard's principal business is the design, development, and manufacture of proton exchange membrane (PEM) fuel cell products. technology _works

How Fuel Cells Work. A HowStuffWorks Video. Professor Tom Fuller from the Georgia Tech Institute of Technology explains how a fuel cell works. http://videos.

Hydrogen Fuel Cell. Digital Splash Multimedia Studios. http://www.

Detecting Toxics. A new portable lab that detects deadly chemicals in the air. Sci-enceDaily.

Nature: The First Nanotechnologist. Dr. Gentry explains how nature works at the nanometer size scale to create the cells in our bodies; examples include cell walls, molecular self-assembly, and odor receptors. videoname=nature

Probe Microscopes: Tools used in Nanotechnology by Professor Wendy Crone. What are the tools that are used to explore the world of nano science? Professor Crone uses a common refrigerator magnet to illustrate a probe device for identifying atoms. The presentation continues with an illustration how nanoprobes investigate surfaces and move atoms. tools

Development of a platform based on a fleet of scientific instruments configured as autonomous miniature robots capable of fast operations at the nanometer scale. NanoRobotics Laboratory. Laboratoire de nanorobotique. Go to: Then click on the site. New Micro-Nanorobotics Platforms.

Golf Gear Improving Your Score With Technology. AOL Video.



E. Coli Hand-Held Sensor. Detecting Bacteria With Electromechanical Cantilevers. Chemical engineers have developed a sensor that can almost instantly detect the presence of E. coli. Science Daily.

Safer Water Worldwide. Industrial Toxicologists Develop Cost-Effective, Life-Saving Disinfection. Toxicologists developed PUR, a water purifier that combines a floccu-lant, which separates particles and organisms from water Science Daily. http://www.

The Threat of Bird Flu. ScienceDaily. 04/070416092206.htm

Protein Lab Chip Assay. Agilent. A lab-on-a-chip used for analyzing proteins. http:// wwwxhem.agilentxom/scripts/generic.asp?lPage=1566&indcol=N&prodcol=Y

Smart Trash Cans. A microchip embedded in recycling bins encourages households to recycle trash for dollars. Science Daily. 2006-10-01/

Protein Lab Chip Assay. A lab-on-a-chip used for analyzing proteins. http://www.


Voyage of the Nano-Surgeons. NASA-funded scientists are crafting microscopic vessels that can venture into the human body and repair problems—one cell at a time.

The Lure of Nanotechnology. National Public Radio. templates/story/story.php?storyId=1604431

"Buckyball" Nobel Laureate Richard Smalley Dies.

Next Generation of Drug Delivery. The Bourne Report. There are all sorts of ways to get medicine into the body; here are a few examples of how MEMS and Nanotech-based approaches are making a difference. Marlene Bourne.

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