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How would you like to learn how to use an electron microscope in a virtual lab? Besides the BugScope project, NASA provides a virtual lab online of an electron microscope for schools, pupils, and teachers. The free JAVA program allows users a good sense of what the instrument can do. By downloading the free JAVA program for both PC and Mac, users can pan, zoom, and even use a built-in ruler to measure such items as a beetle's leg, crystals from a human kidney stone, and other objects.

Virtual Lab completely emulates a scanning electron microscope and allows any user to zoom and focus into a variety of built-in microscopic samples. It also comes with a set of educational materials such as a demo on how a SEM works and movies of the real thing in action.

The Virtual Microscope, which includes free downloading, is available on Sourceforge,

Did you know?

The use of low-temperature, scanning electron microscopy can be used by ski-run operators to determine how effective their artificial snow operations are in lengthening the ski season because of the contrast between artificial and natural snow crystals.

See Chapter 9 for more information about the NASA Virtual Microscope Web site.

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