Northwestern University and Materials World Modules

Materials World Modules is a National Science Foundation (NSF) funded inquiry-based science and technology educational program based at Northwestern University.

The program is dedicated to helping teachers enhance their science curriculum and excite their students about science and the world we live in. The Materials World Modules (MWM) Program has produced a series of interdisciplinary modules based on topics in materials science, including Composites, Ceramics, Concrete, Biosensors, Biodegradable Materials, Smart Sensors, Polymers, Food Packaging, and Sports Materials. The modules are designed for use in middle and high school science, technology, and math classes. Over 9,000 students in schools nationwide have also used them. For more information, go to Web site:

You may be interested in seeing a video: Inside MWM: An Interview with Lake Forest Science Teacher Kate Heroux. In this interview with science teacher Kate Heroux, Professor Robert Chang, the developer of MWM, discusses the successes and challenges of implementing the Materials World Modules in high school. To see the video go to: http://

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