Other ToshibaNSTA Explora Vision Winners

La Jolla, California

The La Jolla High School in La Jolla, California, developed The Nanoclotterator. The nanoclotterator is an injectable blood-clot eating nanobot designed like the T4 bacteriophage virus. The NCR would be about 4 microns in size—small enough to fit within the tiniest capillaries, yet large enough to keep from passing through blood vessel walls. A specially designed "mouth" would extend from the NCR capsule, biting out and removing chunks of a blood clot. The school was a second place ExploraVision winner in 2006. The project Web site is http://dev.nsta.org/evwebs/3314/

St. Louis, Missouri

Middle School students at the John Burroughs School, St. Louis, Missouri, developed a way to help travelers overcome airline jet lag and students can study all night. The name of their project was called the Body Clock Band. A nanocomputer imbedded in the wristwatch-like device dispenses sleep-inducing or "stayawake" pharmaceuticals through the skin according to user-programmed sleep cycles. Drugs are nonhabit forming and safeguard excessive use.

You can go to the Explo-raVision Web site to find other Toshiba/NSTA winners in a variety of fields besides nanotechnology.

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