Surface Area To Volume At The Nanoscale

Why is the microscope study of surfaces and surface areas so important? Remember in Chapter 2, you read about the difference in surface area per unit of volume at the nanoscale.

In the nanoworld, the relationship between surface area and volume is important because the ratio of surface area to volume increases as objects get smaller and smaller. See illustration and example in Chapter 2. Therefore, since most chemical and physical changes happen on surfaces, the more surface area the object has the more physical or chemical changes that can take place. Confused? The next time you break up one large sugar cube into smaller pieces, you are creating more surface area in each sugar particles per volume. That is why the particles will dissolve faster (a physical change) in a liquid than the one large cube. The sugar particles have more surface area per volume than the one large cube.

Did you know?

The objects we can see with our eyes are light wavelengths in the 400 to 750 nanometers.

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