The Nanotechnology Job Market The Need for Workers

Many jobs will be needed to fill in the vacancies for nanotechnology. The National Science Foundation ("NSF") projects that the nanotechnology job market in the United States will require over 2 million nanotechnology-savvy workers by 2014. The NSF therefore is calling for children between the ages of 10 and 17 to be educated now about the field that will define their job market as adults. Of the 2 million nanotechnology-savvy workers required by 2014, 20 percent are expected to be scientists, with the remaining 80 percent consisting of highly skilled engineers, technicians, business leaders, and economists.

Dr. Mihail Roco, mentioned earlier in this chapter, states that as nan-otechnology moves into the mainstream, companies building products at the atomic level eventually will face a serious shortage of talent— far worse than what is already occurring. Dr. Roco estimated, about 2 million nanotech-trained workers will be needed to support growing industries and the startups they spawn within the next 10 to 15 years, He emphasized that the country needs to find ways to motivate students about sciences and to make them aware of the career opportunities in nanotechnology fields.

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