The Targeted Nano Therapeutics TNTtm System

The TNTtm System is a noninvasive product that kills cancer using localized lethal heat with negligible damage to healthy tissues. The product is being developed by the Triton Biosystems company and has begun human clinical trials. A component referred to as T-probes are dispensed into the body in serum form by an infusion into the patient's blood stream. Once the T-probes are attached to cancer cells, a focused magnetic field selectively activates the magnetic spheres.

The magnetic energy in the spheres is converted to lethal heat which causes a rapid temperature increase at the surface of the cancer cells, killing them with negligible damage to surrounding healthy tissues. Over a couple of weeks following the infusion, the T-probes completely degrade within the body with no trace or toxicity. The Company believes the TNTTM System will eliminate many of the side effects currently associated with conventional therapies.

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