University of California Santa Barbara Chip Camp

The University of California offers a program called Nanotech Chip Camps for small groups of high school students. The Nanotech Chip Camp at UCSB pairs high school students with graduate student mentors in a cleanroom laboratory and teaches them nanofabrication processes. On the first day, students make a micro resistor. On the second day, students have a guided exploration of parameters and do an analysis. Students also attend talk(s) provided byfacultymember(s) aboutvarious aspects of nanotechnology. Students will then be able to share what they have learned through this experience via their school or county science fair. By using scientific inquiry, students will have a better understanding of the intricacies of nanofabrication processes and how these processes relate to other pure and applied sciences, as well as the world around them.

The Chip Camp provides students (and the participating teacher) with an intensive two-day laboratory experience that enables students to:

• gain a better understanding of integrated circuit systems;

• understand how the order of steps used in processing affects the outcome;

• develop procedures which compare change with constancy;

• model the processes and explain it to someone else; and

• organize what they have learned into a comprehensive display.

For more information about Chip Camps write to [email protected]

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