What are some of the benefits of building nanomachines

Speed and cost are two major benefits of nanomachines. With respect to speed, there are physical laws that govern the speed at which machines may move as a consequence of their mass and stiffness, both of which are usually related to their size. In most cases, the smaller the machine, the faster the machine can be run. If you can build mechanical devices that can run at millions of motions per second, they might be used to accomplish many tasks in a short time. With respect to cost, it becomes inexpensive to build a nanomachine if one uses the right nanomanu-facturing processes, because thousands or millions of machines may be made simultaneously.

It is likely that future nanomachines will have an impact on many devices including computers, sensors, and electromechanical devices. It is hoped that nanomachines will increase the speed of store-bought conventional products by a factor of 100 to 1,000. The costs for these new products would also be less than the cost of conventional products.

In addition, smaller machine elements that are made of carbon nan-otubes could be used as energy sources for products. The special properties of the nanotubes will allow engineers to build better batteries that have huge energy densities. These batteries may be able to power automobiles, and possibly provide longer-lived portable power sources, for example in an iPod.

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