What are some other possible applications for the biosensor device

Let me start by saying this project was sponsored by the Department of Defense, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency). They were interested in using a patch technology, similar to our designed biosensor patch. The patch would be for the war fighter on the battlefield who could succumb to trauma due to huge losses of blood. Blood lost is critical so you need to minimize the blood lost as quickly as you can to have a chance ofsaving the injured trooper. In this application, troops would be sent onto a battlefield, fitted with a biosensor patch placed on their arms. The patch would not hinder them from continuing their duties.

If injured, the patch would record data about the severity of the trooper's wounds based on their glucose and lactate levels (and any other readily available bio-molecule that can be sampled with our patch). The data would be sent by short-range telemetry to a medic's palm pilot, for example. The palm pilot would show the location of the injured trooper. The severity of the injury would also be ascertained. If the medic observed dangerous changes in a soldier's body biochemistry, that soldier would be assisted first, and then removed from the field for medical care. So in our continued research, we incorporated the military application with the civilian application kept in mind—that is, detecting glucose in people with diabetes.

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