What is your science background and how did you get interested in the field of carbon nanotubes and nanotechnology

While at Berkeley as a student, I was able to take 50 percent of my classes in engineering and the other 50 percent in science courses. The science courses were mostly in the field of physics.

I was always interested in small things such as atoms in crystals and molecular structures. I did not get interested in carbon nanotubes until I ran into a colleague at Purdue. His name is Timothy Fisher, and he is a mechanical engineer and professor at Purdue University.

Tim is an expert in carbon nanotubes and one day we started talking about our interests. I was working on nanoporous materials and he was working on nanotubes. So, we decided to combine our interests and lab experiences to see if we could grow the carbon nanotubes inside a porous material. This experience got me interested in carbon nanotubes. While working as a team, we both also learned more about each other's fields of study.

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