What led to your making Metal RubberTM

Several of us went to a large international conference and heard a talk by a professor at a major research university. He said that no one would ever make anything big and thick using self-assembly processing. The person next to me, Dr. Jennifer Lalli, turned to me and whispered, "We can do that!" Within a few weeks, Dr. Lalli and her group had made our first Metal Rubber™ materials.

Are you taking the measures to protect the environment from the pollution of the process (is there any?) of making Metal RubberTM because it will stop a lot of problems in the future?

Yes, we are. The byproducts of the production process are not significant pollutants, but we work closely with our town to properly handle and treat all of the materials that we generate.

Where would you dispose of Metal Rubber™?

In a landfill most probably. Again, it is pretty much like a mousepad.

Is it environmentally safe and biodegradable?

Safe, yes. Biodegradable, no. It is something like milk jug containers— they are safe but will not degrade in a landfill for a long time.

Can you recycle it into something else?

Yes, we can. I was on the phone about this in particular about an hour ag°.

How did you hear about nanotech?

Meetings and conferences mostly, and technical journals. I was a professor at Virginia Tech for about 30 years, so I did a lot of reading about science and engineering. I still do.

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