Approaches For Cancer Targeting To Specific Cancer Types

In a recent review, Kim and Nie describe passive and active targeting methods and then go into detail on a number of active targeting techniques.72 The active target combinations they mention are lectin-carbohydrate, ligand-receptor and antibody-antigen. One limitation of using these targeting strategies is that the lectin-carbohydrate targeting systems are usually targeted to whole organs, making them inappropriate for targeting a cancerous part of a particular organ or tissue. New antibody systems show a great deal of promise. Unfortunately, they also have potentially harmful side effects such as advanced gastric adenocarcinoma. The latter arises when one attempts to target breast cancer on account of the fact that antigen-positive normal cells to the antibody BR96 in gastric mucosa, small intestine, and pancreas. Some of the aspects of angiogenic targeting mentioned here have already been covered elsewhere in this chapter. Specific targeting systems that are in use as cancer therapeutics are shown in Table 12.1.8,72

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