Drug Delivery to Gastric Carcinomas

Gastric carcinoma falls into the category of the difficult-to-treat tumors. Though the PACA nano-particles are considered most promising in the tumor-treatment applications, their use in the delivery of anti-cancer agents to gastric tumors remains limited.

Magnetically targeted systems can be classified in the new generation of drug carriers. The advantage of these carriers is their ability to minimize the uptake by the reticuloendothelial system.180 Intra-arterial administration of these systems in the form of magnetic albumin micro-spheres181 and magnetic liposomes182 has been shown to treat the tumors successfully under the influence of a strong magnetic field. Recently, Gao et al.183 prepared aclacinomycin-loaded magnetic iron oxide-PBCA nanoparticles using the interfacial polymerization technique. The technique involved dispersion of the drug in diluted hydrochloric acid into magnetic fluid, and the successive addition of the mixture to a hexane containing span 80 and polysorbate 80.

The buytlcyanoacrylate monomer was added into the above dispersion under stirring, and after 6 h the newly formed magnetic nanoparticles were separated using a magnet, washed with methanol and water, lyophilized, and sterilized by 60Co irradiation (15 kGy). These magnetic particles were 210 nm in diameter, and they revealed a core-shell structure in which the iron oxide core was covered by the polymer coat. The aclacinomycin-loaded nanoparticles were evaluated in mice implanted with gastric carcinoma near the right fore feet. Administration of drug-loaded magnetic nanoparticles by intravenous injection into the tumor-bearing mice implanted with a magnet in the tumor resulted in a higher tumor-inhibition rate than the free aclacinomycin. The nanoparticle formulation greatly reduced the tumor mass compared to the free aclacinomycin and the drug-free carrier. The drug-loaded magnetic nanoparticles showed similar activity to that of the drug-free magnetic nanoparticles in vitro in the absence of a magnetic field in the gastric cancer cell line MKN-45. They did, however, show enhanced antitumor activity in vivo in tumor-bearing mice.

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