Future Perspectives

The field of block copolymer micelles for drug delivery is rapidly expanding and has great potential in cancer therapeutics. Although there are four promising polymeric micelle formulations currently in clinical trial development, many preclinical fundamental studies are on-going in order to fully exploit the use of block copolymer micelles for drug delivery. The advances in synthetic polymer science continue to provide new biodegradable and biocompatible polymers that can be tailored and designed for the challenges that anti-cancer drug delivery continues to face. By enhancing the compatibility between the copolymer and the drug, block copolymer micelles have emerged as true carriers rather than solubilizers for pharmaceutical agents. The mechanisms of loading and release of drugs from micelles are being elucidated and will provide a greater understanding of the relationships between the physico-chemical properties of micelles and their invivo performance. In the future, multiple targeting mechanisms may be integrated into one micelle system to fully exploit the use of polymeric micelle as delivery vehicles for anti-cancer drugs.

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