In Vivo Targeted Gene Delivery


Capillary trapping

Cationic-liposome Lung


Target Tissue (Cell)


90 89

97 60

98 66

99 100

Asialoglycoprotein receptor madiated Asialofetuin-liposome Liver (hepatocyte)

Galactose-liposome Liver (hepatocyte) (hepatocyte)

Mannose receptor mediated

Mannose-liposome Liver (non-parenchyma! cell)

Folate receptor mediated


Tumor cell this uptake was inhibited by the pre-administration of dextran sulfate, suggesting the involvement of a phagocytic process. However, gene expression after intravenous administration of lipoplexes was extremely high in the lung.90-92 It is well known that IFNb exhibits anti-tumor activity. Taking this into consideration, intravenously injected pDNA encoding IFNb complexed with cationic liposome was found to significantly inhibit established metastatic lung tumors in CT-26 cells inoculated into mice.93

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