Other Boronated Dendrimers

An alternative method to deliver boron compounds by means of dendrimers is to incorporate carborane cages within the dendrimer (Figure 6.5). Matthew et al. have reported that 4, 8, or 16 carboranes could be inserted into an aliphatic polyester dendrimer by means of a highly effective

FIGURE 6.5 Structure of a barborane-containing aliphatic polyester dendrimer. Carborane cages were incorporated into the interior of the dendrimer structure and the peripheral hydrophilic groups improved water solubility and were available for modification.

synthon, a bifunctional carborane derivative with an acid group and a benzyl ether protected alcohol.96 The procedure employed a divergent synthesis with high yield. The resulting polyhy-droxylated dendrimer was WS with a minimum ratio of eight hydroxyl groups per carborane cage. Carborane containing dendrimers potentially could be used as boron delivery agents for BNCT because it is possible to control the number of carborane moieties and overall solubility.

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