Physical Characteristics Of Polymeric Micelles For Clinical Applications In Cancer Therapy

In the past two decades, many groups have reported on the development and optimization of polymeric micelles for the delivery of anti-cancer drugs. In particular, much effort has focused on the formulation of doxorubicin and paclitaxel in micelles because of their dose-limiting toxi-cities in currently approved formulations and high potency against a wide variety of cancers. To

FIGURE 17.3 Structures of anti-cancer drugs, (a) doxorubicin and (b) paclitaxel, that have been formulated in polymeric micelle formulations for clinical trial development.

date, several doxorubicin- (i.e., NK911, SP1049C) and paclitaxel-loaded (i.e., Genexol-PM, NK105) micelle formulations have entered clinical trial development.

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