Polymeric Micelles 315

Chapter 17 Polymeric Micelles for Formulation of Anti-Cancer Drugs 317

Helen Lee, Patrick Lim Soo, Jubo Liu, Mark Butler, and Christine Allen

Chapter 18 PEO-Modified Poly(L-Amino Acid) Micelles for

Drug Delivery 357

Xiao-Bing Xiong, Hamidreza Montazeri Aliabadi, and Afsaneh Lavasanifar

Chapter 19 Hydrotropic Polymer Micelles for Cancer Therapeutics 385

Sang Cheon Lee, Kang Moo Huh, Tooru Ooya, and Kinam Park

Chapter 20 Tumor-Targeted Delivery of Sparingly-Soluble Anti-Cancer

Drugs with Polymeric Lipid-Core Immunomicelles 409

Vladimir P. Torchilin

213 215

231 243

251 289

Chapter 21 Combined Cancer Therapy by Micellar-Encapsulated

Drugs and Ultrasound 421

Natalya Rapoport

Chapter 22 Polymeric Micelles Targeting Tumor pH 443

Eun Seong Lee and You Han Bae

Chapter 23 cRGD-Encoded, MRI-Visible Polymeric Micelles for Tumor-Targeted Drug Delivery 465

Jinming Gao, Norased Nasongkla, and Chalermchai Khemtong

Chapter 24 Targeted Antisense Oligonucleotide Micellar

Delivery Systems 477

Ji Hoon Jeong, Sun Hwa Kim, and Tae Gwan Park Section 5

Dendritic Nanocarriers 487

Chapter 25 Dendrimers as Drug and Gene Delivery Systems 489

Tae-il Kim and Jong-Sang Park

Chapter 26 Dendritic Nanostructures for Cancer Therapy 509

Ashootosh V. Ambade, Elamprakash N. Savariar, and S. (Thai) Thayumanavan

Chapter 27 PEGylated Dendritic Nanoparticulate Carriers of

Anti-Cancer Drugs 523

Chapter 28 Dendrimer Nanocomposites for Cancer Therapy 551

Lajos P. Balogh and Mohamed K. Khan

Section 6

Liposomes 593

Chapter 29 Applications of Liposomal Drug Delivery Systems to Cancer Therapy 595

Alberto A. Gabizon

Chapter 30 Positively-Charged Liposomes for Targeting

Tumor Vasculature 613

Robert B. Campbell

Chapter 31 Cell Penetrating Peptide (CPP)-Modified Liposomal

Nanocarriers for Intracellular Drug and Gene Delivery 629

Vladimir P. Torchilin

Chapter 32 RGD-Modified Liposomes for Tumor Targeting 643

Chapter 33 Folate Receptor-Targeted Liposomes for

Cancer Therapy 663

Xiaobin B. Zhao, Natarajan Muthusamy, John C. Byrd, and Robert J. Lee

Chapter 34 Nanoscale Drug Delivery Vehicles for Solid Tumors: A New Paradigm for Localized Drug Delivery

Using Temperature Sensitive Liposomes 677

David Needham and Ana Ponce

Section 7

Other Lipid Nanostructures 721

Chapter 35 Nanoemulsion Formulations for Tumor-Targeted Delivery 723

Sandip B. Tiwari and Mansoor M. Amiji

Chapter 36 Solid Lipid Nanoparticles for Antitumor Drug Delivery 741

Ho Lun Wong, Yongqiang Li, Reina Bendayan, Mike Andrew Rauth, and Xiao Yu Wu

Chapter 37 Lipoprotein Nanoparticles as Delivery Vehicles for Anti-Cancer Agents 777

Andras G. Lacko, Maya Nair, and Walter J. McConathy

Chapter 38 DQAsomes as Mitochondria-Targeted Nanocarriers for Anti-Cancer Drugs 787

Shing-Ming Cheng, Sarathi V. Boddapati, Gerard G. M. D'Souza, and Volkmar Weissig

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