Applications of Nanocrystalline Silicon

At present, a certain type of solar cell is attracting international attention in the area of the photovoltaic, i.e., the so-called heterojunction solar cell. In its simplest form, it is composed of a monocrystalline silicon substrate and an amorphous emitter deposited upon it. High absorption and stability of the amorphous layer as well as the quality of its interface to both the substrate and the antireflection coating still prevent mass production. Therefore, the amorphous layer is replaced by a nanocrystalline layer. The typical structure of such a solar cell is depicted in Fig. 6.2.

With such a solar cell, whose technological details are described elsewhere [141], Borchert et al. obtained an efficiency of 12.2 % in a first attempt [141].

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Getting Started With Solar

Getting Started With Solar

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