1. One of the issues raised in the main text involves labeling of food products that may contain nanoscale structures. What arguments can you think of in favor of such labeling? What arguments can you think of against labeling? Research the controversy over labeling of foods derived from genetically modified organisms. What can you say about the level of consensus reached regarding labeling? Do you think that considerations similar to those that applied in that controversy also apply to nanotechnology? Are there any significant differences between the technologies that argue in favor of a different result?

2. The main text suggests that regulation of veterinary products is largely similar to the regulation of products intended for human use. Based on your general experience, do you agree that this is the case? In particular, is it possible that regulatory authorities might tolerate greater intrusion of impurities in food chains to animals than to humans, or might tolerate more unknowns about the effects of drugs on animals than on humans? If so, do you have any concerns about the different treatment of nanotechnology as it applies to human consumption and animal consumption? Why do you have such concerns and what would you propose to address them? Is your proposal realistic? In what ways would you criticize it if you were charged to do so?

3. At the time of this writing, the specific findings and recommendations of the FDA Nanotechnology Task Force have not been issued. Research what those findings and recommendations are. Do you think the recommendations are well supported by the findings or are there recommendations that you disagree with?

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